Fundamental Qualities of Granite

  • The quarrying and fabrication process produces very little pollution/waste and is energy efficient compared to the massive quantities of electricity and oil used in making competitive construction materials such as cement, ceramic, metal, plastic and glass. Therefore, pollution waste is reduced by the minimal use of pollutants and the fair amount of water usage. Virgin resource consumption is reduced by using stone rather than comparable pollution producing materials. Stone is good for the planet!
  • Granite requires little maintenance and will last for the foreseeable future. Lets reflect on the Egyptian Pyramids – dating 2,700 years BC; made of limestone, a material that is much softer than granite and how well they are performing over thousands of years!! Renovation and replacement is not required in the long term. This is an important point to elaborate; stone is more costly than other types of finishes and so, may not be considered. However, replacing floors/paving and painting walls every five and ten years down the road is very costly. These maintenance/renovation costs will not be incurred should stone be used and so, stone will save money in the long run. Stone is good for your project!
  • Stones integral quality surpasses most other building materials and its beautiful, naturally. The beauty of granite coupled with its physical strength and chemical resistance allow for buildings to retain their value and resale marketability. Stone is good for your project!
  • There is no waste in the quarrying and fabrication of stone. Blocks are cut into slabs, tiles and cut to size products. Project overruns can be cut into pavers and cobblestones with the run off of that turned into crushed stone. When quarries have become obsolete they can be refilled and converted into life giving forested or agricultural lands. Stone is good for the planet!
  • Water filtration is employed during the initial slabbing procedure to recycle the consumed water. As such, water is reused and reduces the demand of water - a valuable natural resource. Stone is good for the planet!

Fundamental Reasons to Buy American

  • It should be eveveryone's agenda to do what they can to save the planet. It is widely known that purchasing materials from nearby sources is good for the planet for some obvious reasons including reduction of pollution from transportation.
  • Support the US economy. Buying domestic stones and buying them from a domestic fabricator versus importing takes care of that objective quite simply. Not only does buying American satisfy Economic goals, it reduces pollution as well.
  • Buying American cuts transportation costs.
  • It is much easier to manage projects that are fabricated within a reasonable proximity to the project site. Site visits are done quickly and more cost effectively. Should stone be delivered broken, cut wrong, or there be missing pieces, replacements can be turned around much quicker with a 2.5 hour drive from RI to NY than Asia to NY; for example.

Good for the planet.


Good for the project.


Good for the economy.


Good for construction efficiency.