Stone Types


Structural Stone, LLC specializes in the fabrication of the finest granites from quarries located throughout North America with a network of quarries from all over the world. As such, a full spectrum of colors with a diverse range of grain structures is available. Structural Stone will only fabricate quality granites that come from premium formations and exceed all ASTM standard specifications. Some regional stone types commonly fabricated such as Stony Creek, Deer Isle®, and Milford Pink have historic value since the quarries were opened over a century ago. Furthermore, Structural Stone is expert in matching existing materials from historic projects. Should the existing stone no longer be available, the network of quarries resourced enables finding the best match.


Structural Stone is qualified and experienced in sourcing and fabricating all types of stone including limestone, sandstone, bluestone, brownstone, marble and slate. Because of the companies' large network of international quarries, any variety of stone can be sourced for the most creative projects. Structural Stone is a single source for projects including more than one type of stone. Therefore, architects can rely on us to find the right stone for their project and know it is from a dependable source while general contractors/masons can turn to us to provide a complete package.

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